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christian louboutin sale How many girls remember that your lover likes to eat sweet or hot ? Flanagan used his cell phone to play finger touch ? Which magazine watch him on the toilet ? When bananas are generally kept his skin peel into a few spots ?

And remember how many boys , she gave birth to you for your bohemian eaten vinegar over gas it? She has done a snack for your burnt food? She forgave your fault it? Kiss your tears flee when she do ?

I was laughing a low point , as long as there is a little bit of humor, jokes , and I can laugh, so last year I saw the love apartment repeatedly christian louboutin sale quarter less than 123 five times , and now I recall , my mind which can automatically generate the plot. However , Episode 4 I love during this one week again saw no less than ten times , each pass I slowly gaze, I have to seriously think about every sentence.

Son Joe once loved a girl entangled with them for a long time , every single day bickering fight, drink soda water together until one day, she suddenly left without leaving a word or two in each day he is guilty, he she knew my side was a mistake , because he could not give her want happiness , and perhaps also a mistake to leave her , but she must choose one done after to tell yourself which is more worthy to commit an error .

But every story has a footnote , the story of the footnote is called missed.

When son Joe after racking hardships help Mika Mika snatch bracelet gazing , when son Joe left after Mika photo every day for a long time their unwavering gaze , when the son Joe in the hospital after the lovers of respondents ready to get out with joy walked into the delivery room , his restless heart stayed three quarters , finally calm, because there are a girl back. ( Prose reading :

Gorgeous colors also makes people fear it fibrillation fades , people fascinated too beautiful dream too much to bear its broken. Maybe more than one favorite , but at least most wonderful dream that most people can not be a total Midon feet to embrace , as it has been for the separation have met after the heartbreak from the moment .

I know you, I do not want to force you ...... I know, christian louboutin sale you do not essentially bad , you're just afraid ...... I want the baby together , etc., until one day ...... but I'm sorry, I'm afraid ...... I'm afraid I can not wait for the ... ...

Let you watch less dramas , do not be silly okay ! · · · · ·

Small cloth to help find her mother , to find yourself looking for a home ...... you know , you care about ...... know she likes to eat sweet or spicy ; know she play phone, which roots with fingers ; know she was on the toilet , like to see what the magazine ; know she bananas will peel into stray ; still find willing for you to be jealous , even angry cook will give you forgive your mistakes ...... remember , more than kiss her, Do not let her tears fall ...... remember on the ground, take good care of the little cloth, christian louboutin sale otherwise, I sip soda water ......

Voice hardly ever, Iraqis face remained eyes , the song eventually strike, leaving behind only a dream beauty Fanghun · · · · · · Episode first 40 minutes , no fancy happy prince and princess , there is no secular separation frustrations Ke , more independent of fuel, only a long- lost boy , the girl he loved farewell , even if it was in a dream , even , living the dream · · · · · ·

Son Joe , always keep trying to love, always think to find better . The more times to fall in love , he is more mature , more charming , but he was lost in love , and in his eyes , there is no best, only better , he christian louboutin sale has produced immunity against girls , but his love is still the beginning, but he came to understand the depths to · · · · · ·

Mika , always kept running forward , always think you can find more beautiful . Mika has been very animal in nature , in the depths of her heart is love son Joe , to the last minute has been maintaining son Joe . Fleeting years , the girl might really be better met Prince Charming , but together and parting , as if a turn, lap after lap , and even into the dance of life, some people will come back , some people know goodbye too difficult , and I would rather etched in the memories of each other's shadow ...... spend a lifetime than people that stay in the past, present, and occasionally in the middle of the night greeting sentence , he is the most intense desire their hearts . like the huge iron was scratched wounds, mouth open , one swallow a spit of breathing , breathing pain most pain.

4 Although love comedy , but inchristian louboutin sale the end of Episode Listen son Joe Mika bed piercing cry , watching son Joe Monica passed away in tears after look, I can not help a nose acid · · · · · · see hope shining between rainbow , light patch of condensation on the day you and I no longer ask why you can not stay, smile surfaced love to see the sky after the rain , a rainbow appeared again grace angel , kissing Peoples world , no longer ask why you can not stay, put down the obsession smile now .

Pirates of the dream space , saying it was a dream , it would be said to be a way back , son Joe and Mika , it is more moment we used to cast a vision and a dream city youth . Youth, is a city with many difficult to let go of the fragments, stay in our memory lake. One figure lingered in the brain , such as the Moonlight Allure ; paragraph story stopped in the depths of memory , cemented peerless landscape. christian louboutin saleFollow "Our Town ," all youth cheerful , bright, romantic and sad that we , together to share.